About ISCK

Brief History of ISCK

  • Purchased a property on Nicholasville road in 1995.
  • Formalized a constitution in 2000
  • First Shura Council in 2000.
  • Building fire on fall of 2001
  • Lexington Universal Academy established 2003


  • Increasing the number of membership.
  • ISCK.org Web site
  • Hosting events like iftar and picnic
  • Eid prayers
  • Eid parties
  • Hajj program
  • Blood drives
  • Community Service Award (CSA)
  • Community greetings and many other services (Newborn greetings, Get well cards and Graduation plaques)

Future of ISCK

  • Increase membership
  • Encourage voting in the upcoming elections
  • Encourage members to become ISCK Board Members
  • Encourage members to nominate and vote for ISCK Board Members * Encourage volunteering