AlBayan Weekend School


The mission of Al-Bayan Weekend Islamic School is to guide our children towards the full realization of their spiritual intellectual, Physical, Emotional, and Social potentials as they serve Islam and humanity for the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

Our school has a comprehensive program of meaningful, value-based learning experiences in an Islamic environment. We believe that our children can develop the first step here.

Location, Time and Fees

Al-Bayan Islamic School will be held on Sundays

11:00am to 2:00pm

653 South Limestone Street
building next to the Islamic Center of Lexington.

Tuition Policy:
Families with one child
$40 per month
Families with more than one child
$30 per month per child

Contact Information:
Mrs. Fadwa Qasem

Curriculum and Objectives


  • To be able to Read, Write and understand commonly used Arabic terms and phrases, memorizing Surahs and reading Quran.
  • To have a full understanding of basic Islamic Belief.
  • To acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for practicing Islamic etiquettes and morals.

Islamic Education Objectives:

  • To provide instruction in Qur’an, Arabic Language, Islamic history, and Islamic studies
  • To promote the development of an Islamic personality so that the individual student will live according to the principles of Qur’an and exemplified in the words and actions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
  • To prepare each Student to lead his life according to Islamic Principles
  • To prepare the youth to make a positive and useful contribution to society
  • We want the children to believe and practice Islam
  • We want them to believe in Allah in their hearts and recognize that He is their Lord
  • We want the children to be aware of their duty to Allah and to be motivated to do 'Ibadah
  • We want the children to have knowledge of the teaching and practices of Islam
  • The children must know why Islam is a better way of life than everything they see around them
  • We want the children to develop character, better manners and a respectful demeanor
  • We want the children to be able to relate Islamic beliefs and teachings to non-Muslims in a coherent and compelling way