Ramadan Announcement

Assalamu Alaykum Community 

Assalamu Alaykum Brothers and Sisters
There were no positive sightings of the moon this evening in Muslim majority countries.  Therefore Friday, May 26th will be the last day of Sha'ban and the ISCK announces Saturday, May 27, 2017 to be the first day of the holy month of Ramadan, 1438.
The ISCK Shura Council would like to wish you a happy and blessed month of Ramadan in which we may draw closer to Allah and His Messenger (pbuh).

Masjid Limestone (Islamic Center of Lexington): Daily Iftar throughout the month of Ramadan unless otherwise announced.
Masjid Bilal: Daily Iftar throughout the month of Ramadan.  For more information regarding Masjid Bilal Iftars, please visit the website here.
There will be no Iftar at either location on Friday, June 9th.  Please see ISCK community Iftar below.

----- PRAYER TIMES -----
Taraweeh prayer inshaAllah will start Friday, May 26th, and will be held at each of the following locations: Masjid Limestone, Masjid Bilal, Lexington Universal Academy (LUA), and South Side Musallah.  We encourage you to join the prayers every night at any of these locations insha'Allah.  To find the address of each location please find the link to each under Islamic Centers on the left side of the page.
Iqama times for the beginning of Ramadan will be as follows:

Masjid Limestone - Fajr - 5:15 AM, Isha - 10:45 PM, Jumuah - 1:30 PM Masjid Bilal ibn Rabah South Side Musallah LUA
Masjid Bilal - Fajr - 5:00 AM, Isha - 10:35 PM, Jumuah - 1:30 PM
South Side Musallah - Fajr - 5:20 AM, Isha - 10:30 PM, Jumuah - 1:45 PM
LUA - Fajr - N/A, Isha - 10:40 PM, Jumuah - 1:55 PM

Please see the following links for complete listings of Iqamah times for click the links below:

Masjid Bilal Ibn Rabah
South Side Musallah

----- ISCK Community Iftar -----
Every year during the holy month of Ramadan, the ISCK sponsors an Iftar for the entire Muslim community.  Keeping with this tradition, this year's Iftar will be held on Friday, June 9th at Tates Creek High School.  This Iftar is free and open to everyone in the community.  More information will be available in the coming days inshallah.