Membership Eligibility

  1. Members shall be Muslims and declare the Shahadatain. That is, "I bear witness that there is no GOD except Allah" and "I bear witness that Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is his messenger". Any Muslim who believes in the above statement is eligible for membership in the ISCK regardless of race, gender, or national origin.
  2. It is to be understood that the membership in the ISCK entails rejection of any allegiance to any organization or group whose teachings are against the principles of Islam.
  3. Minimum age for membership is eighteen years. Each member must have filled out a membership application form.
  • Membership Term

Membership term is one year starts on the first of January and ends on the last day of December of each year. Any new membership starts after January 1st shall also end on December 31st. All members have to renew their membership by filling a new form  and paying the required dues at the beginning of each calendar year. Members have the choice to pay their dues (as triple as annual) every three years for ease.

  • Membership Dues

Members of ISCK will have to pay an annual membership fee. The amount of this fee will be decided by Shura Council and can be changed from year to year. For the current year, dues are as follows:

  1. Family Membership:  One Year ($25.00) or Three years ($75.00)
  2. Regular Single Membership (age 18 and over): One Year ($15.00) or Three years ($45.00)
  3. Student Single Membership (age 18 and over): One Year ($10.00) or Three years ($30.00)
  • Rights of Members
  1. To participate in the selection of Shura Council, to give his/her opinion on each matter submitted and to vote on mattes as described in Article VII (Decision Making).
  2. To forward any questions, issues, concerns, opinions, etc., to the appropriate committee.
  3. To send any religious questions concerning ISCK activities directly to the Shura Council.
  4. To request a certificate of membership.
  • Membership Application

Click here to open the application form. Print, fill it out and mail it along with your payment check to the following address:

Islamic Society of Central Kentucky

4580 Nicholasville Rd., Lexington, KY 40515


Please make your check payable to ISCK. You will receive an email to confirm your membership as soon as your application is processed.